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Shanna Jones, Going Somewhere Soon
Shanna Jones, Going Somewhere Soon

I’m Shanna and welcome to my tiny space on the web! My love for travel started 20 years ago while in college when I took a job as a Travel Agent for a local agency.

After college, I worked weekends at a Houston-based tour operator before opening my own online travel agency in 2003. Although I no longer have my agency, I’ve remained a licensed travel agent to continuously learn and maintain my knowledge on all things travel. I have a true passion for exploring new cities and diving into the local culture of any place I visit. If travel is a calling, I claim it 100%.

Being a wife, momma, and career chick leaves almost no time for much else, however, aside from those priorities, travel is next on my list! My bucket list stays filled as I slowly cross through new destinations several times a year. Finding the time to travel is the hard part – planning and the anticipation of my next journey is the easiest.

Here at travel blog Going Somewhere Soon, you’ll find travel-inspiring articles, guides, tips, and ideas that are focused mainly on shorter vacations that last 2-4 days with several longer vacations sprinkled in to round everything out. With my limited vacation time, I’ve found a good rhythm that still affords me the opportunity to explore new places and destinations and maintain the perfect work-life-travel balance. I hope you’ll follow along and grab and few ideas to help plan your next adventure or two — even when time is limited!

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Another interesting tidbit: I’ve spent over 7 years sharing all things Houston and beyond via my joint venture, Urban Swank, which has opened the doors to several fun projects with United Airlines, Bravo TV, Cooking Channel, and more.